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How to Save on Car Insurance in Texas

In order to understand how to save money on auto insurance or how to get car insurance lowered, you need to understand the underlying baseline of coverage cost:

Auto Insurance - mostly focuses on protection from the liabilities that may occur in connection with your vehicle. Texas is an at-fault state and drivers are required to pay for accidents for which they may be responsible, so, at the very least, all vehicle owners in Texas must carry auto liability insurance.

In Texas, even though cheaper coverages exist, on average, expect to pay around $80-$90 per month per vehicle for minimum liability coverage alone. Anything above the minimum required coverage can be manipulated to fit your needs.

To decide how much your coverage will cost, auto insurance companies use the underwriting process. This means that the coverage cost is based on each applicant’s particular specifics. To help determining the cost, the underwriter considers the applicant’s:

  • Driving record: Convictions or points on the driving record will usually lead to higher premiums.
  • Parking location: Some areas are more exposed to risk than others. Theft and accidents are less likely to occur in the rural areas than in the city. In the city, a secured public garage is safer than parking on the street. Private home garage is even safer, and therefore may lower the premium cost even more.
  • Type of vehicle: Luxury cars cost more to repair, which results in higher premiums. The more expensive the car, the costlier the coverage.
  • Usage: The mileage of your car per day can increase premium rates. So, if you are stuck at home, working remotely during the pandemic, you should contact your auto insurer, to lower the anticipated mileage for the year, and as a result - save on the cost of coverage. Do not forget to increase it back up once you start driving more frequently again.

There is very little wiggle room in ways how to save on auto insurance but most auto insurers in Texas offer discounts if you:

  • Install anti-theft equipment of devices that reduce the impact of a crash
  • Complete a driver education course (especially if you have existing points on your driving record)
  • Insure more than one vehicle on the same policy (multi-vehicle discount)
  • Purchase other products from the same insurance company to qualify for a multi-policy discount
  • Keep a clean claims history
  • Maintain an excellent driving record

The best way to save on car insurance in Texas is to get car insurance quotes from a trusted and knowledgeable auto insurance agent who can help you evaluate coverages you need versus the policy options that are available in your local market.

Multidisciplinary property insurance agents who work with different types of insurance can bundle insurance, offering you more ways to save on car insurance through additional discount options. Most commonly, car insurance in Texas is bundled with homeowners and renters insurance.

Speak with a licensed auto insurance agent about your insurance needs and to help you determine ways how to save on your car insurance.

Car insurance quote comparison worksheet (Printable PDF)

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