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How to Save Money on Insurance in Texas

Every individual and business in Texas wants to save money on insurance. The savings are typically done by comparing multiple options, lowering the coverage amount, and engaging a knowledgeable insurance agent, to help you shop for the most affordable coverage:

The Top 6 Ways of How to Save Money on Insurance in Texas are:

  1. Get a cheaper insurance plan. Keep in mind that lower premium usually means a higher deductible and/or less coverage.
  2. Save on insurance by selectively picking only needed insurance coverage. Discuss your needs with an insurance professional with a large portfolio of options and see what they recommend to fulfill them.
  3. Bundle insurance. Get more insurance coverage for less, by bundling multiple policies into Combo insurance or getting group insurance.
  4. Multi policy discounts when you buy insurance. Keeping more than one insurance policy with the same carrier usually results in a discount.
  5. Get multiple insurance quotes from different agents and insurers (with different portfolios of products), to make sure that you explore your options from all perspectives.
  6. Paying a premium in full for the entire policy term when you buy insurance may provide a discount (depending on insurance type).

Saving Money on Insurance 101

The best thing one can do to save money on insurance is to contact a Texas insurance professional, who is licensed by the state in your desired type of insurance. Ideally, you want to use an independent agent with a large portfolio of various insurers, types of policies, and coverages at their disposal. If you contract a captive Texas-licensed agent, you will be offered products only from one insurer or a group of insurers, which might not be available from the independent agents. Both are great options, as long as you are aware of the difference.

In order to understand how to save money on insurance and get cheaper insurance plans, one must understand how the particular type of insurance functions and what ultimately affects the price.

The most common things that can influence the cost of insurance in Texas are your:

  • AGE, and

If you do not have claims in your past, you pay less than someone who has an extensive and/or questionable history of claims before. Insurance companies in Texas may pull the applicant’s insurance score from a database service like LexisNexis, which is used by the insurers to share risk details about properties and clients.

If you have a good credit score, you tend to pay less.

Does insurance price depend on age? Age is a multi-sided issue. In some insurance policies youth is less expensive insure, while in others, being more mature may provide discounts. When the age of property comes into play, new items are usually less expensive to insure than older ones. Talk to your Texas insurance agent to find out how your age, or the age of your insured belongings affects the cost of your coverage.

Premium in all types of insurance depends on your location. In some types of insurance the price may be set on the county level (ACA Health Marketplace insurance), while in others, the price may fluctuate based on a zip code (Auto insurance).

Insurance in Texas comes in various shapes and sizes and each insurance type has additional ways how its savings can be achieved. Below are some ideas for you to discuss with your insurance agent.

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Can You Negotiate The Price Of Insurance in Texas?

No, you cannot negotiate insurance rates to affect the price of insurance. Insurance rates are regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), and then applied to entire groups of the insured. This is done to guarantee that there is no discrimination in the cost of insurance.

While the rates are set for all the insurers selling insurance in the state, the reason why you would see fluctuations of prices between them is due to their proprietary packaging of features into different plans.

Even though you cannot negotiate insurance rates, you can still get cheaper insurance in Texas. Here are a few tips:

  • Tweak the insurance plan coverages to give you just what you need, to get the best value for your money.
  • Insuring multiple items under the same policy or carrying multiple policies with the same insurer is a great way to save money.
  • Take good care of your property. Claims increase insurance costs.
  • Consider paying your premiums upfront if you can afford it. Most insurers give significant discounts for lump-sum payments.

The Texas insurance market is highly competitive and offers multiple products for every need. Discuss your needs with a state-licensed insurance professional, who can provide advice and suggest solutions based on your needs.

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