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Making Changes to Renters Insurance in Texas

You can make changes in your renters insurance policy by informing your insurance provider. However, your best option is to speak to a Texas-licensed property insurance agent for professional assistance whenever you need to make changes in your policy.

Can I Make Changes to the Coverage of Renter's Insurance Policy?

Yes, you are allowed to make changes to your renters insurance policy in Texas. However, your insurance provider needs to consent to the changes you wish to make. You can make changes to the value of your personal properties, how much coverage you need, and suggest changes to your premiums payment structure. You can also make changes to your deductible system. Contact a Texas-licensed property insurance agent before you make any changes to the scope of coverage of your renters insurance policy.

What Can be Changed in Renter’s Insurance?

Since the scope of renters insurance is narrow in Texas, there are a few things that you can change. The possible changes include modifying your current payment structure, adjusting the value of your deductible, and a change in the scope of your liability coverage. It is advisable to consult with a Texas-licensed insurance agent before attempting to make any changes to your renters insurance policy. An agent will guide you and ensure you do not make mistakes while at it.

How Can I Make Changes to an Active Renters Insurance Policy?

The only way to make changes to an active renters insurance policy is by informing your renters insurance provider. They have to consent to the changes you intend to make, and there might be charges for making such changes.

Can I Change Coverage Amount after Paying for Renters Insurance Policy?

Instead of changing your coverage amount after paying for your renters insurance policy you cancel the old policy, get a refund, and start a new one with correct coverage.

Can I Add a Rental Property to Renters Insurance?

Yes, you can add a rental property to your current renters insurance policy. However, this will most likely increase the cost of premiums. It is advisable to speak to a Texas-licensed property insurance agent if you intend to add a property to your renters policy.

Can I Remove Rental Property from Renters Insurance?

Yes, you can remove rental property from your renters insurance policy. It is best to engage a licensed property insurance agent to help you with this process.

Nothing in your renter's insurance policy can be changed without your consent. According to the Consumer Bill of Rights - Homeowners, Dwelling, and Renters Insurance, any changes to your insurance policy must be adequately disclosed and approved by you. Speak to your insurance provider or a Texas licensed property insurance agent if you notice any changes you did not consent to in your renters insurance policy.