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Canceling Renters Insurance in Texas

You can cancel your renters insurance policy by sending a notice to your insurance provider. However, there might be a cancellation fee or a penalty.

How Do I Cancel Renters Insurance Policy?

You can cancel your renters insurance policy by sending a cancellation notice to your insurance provider. You can send this notice via any communication channels provided by your insurer. Usually in Texas you can cancel policies online via a dedicated portal. If such a portal is not available you can send the cancellation notice via email or by calling to the insurer.

Is it Bad to Cancel Renters Insurance Policy?

Your reason for canceling renters insurance is what determines if it is good or bad. You will be left without renters coverage if you cancel your policy, and insurable perils can have substantial financial implications. However, if you cannot afford your insurance premiums anymore, it is advisable that you cancel the policy.

Can I Cancel Renters Insurance Without Penalty?

Yes, usually you are able to cancel renters insurance coverage without penalty.

Do I Get a Refund of Unused Premiums if I Cancel Renters Insurance Coverage?

If you had paid your renters insurance in full, you would get a refund prorated for the unused portion.

How Can I Reinstate Canceled Renters Insurance?

You can reinstate a canceled renters insurance policy by reaching out to your insurer for a new policy. The company will then send a policy agreement form which you will sign. Once this is done, the canceled policy is immediately reinstated. Endeavor to keep up with your premium payments to avoid policy termination.