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Mobile Home Insurance Claims in Texas

Texas mobile home insurance claims in Texas are official requests made to inform your property insurer about your losses and asking them to cover the financial implications of such losses. If any of the covered perils hit your mobile home or injure anyone in your mobile home, you can file a claim with your insurer. This claim should outline your losses and the financial cost of settling medical bills, paying legal fees, and/or fixing or replacing the damaged or stolen properties.

What Happens after I File a Claim with my Mobile Home Insurance Company?

When you file a claim with your mobile home insurance company in Texas, it must acknowledge the receipt of the claim and investigate your claim within 15 business days of receiving it. To investigate your claim, your insurer will send an insurance adjuster to your mobile home to inspect the losses and confirm your claim after acknowledging the receipt of the claim. Acting on the report of the adjuster, your insurer may accept, reject, or readjust your claim. Your insurer must inform you whether your claim is accepted or rejected. Your insurer may take up to 45 days to inform you whether your claim is accepted or rejected, provided they communicate the reason for the delay to you. If your insurer takes more than 45 days to make their decision and inform you, you have the right to sue them. If your claim is accepted, your insurer is mandated by Texas law to pay your claim within 5 business days.

If your insurer denies your mobile home insurance claim, you can challenge their decision by asking your agent or your insurer’s agent for clarifications. If you are not still satisfied with the explanation, you can file a complaint against your insurer with the Texas Department of Insurance or sue them.

How Do Mobile Home Insurance Companies Pay Out Claims in Texas?

After accepting your claim in Texas, your mobile home insurer pays you directly via a check. However, the check may be issued to you and your mortgage lender if the property has a mortgage. Your mortgage lender can then release the money into your escrow account for your use.

Can a Mobile Home Insurance Company Refuse to Pay a Claim?

Yes, a mobile home insurance company in Texas can refuse to pay a claim. It is not mandatory for an insurer to pay every filed claim. Property insurance companies use the services of adjusters to assess losses and damages and make decisions based on their reports. They may accept or refuse to pay the claim based on the reports of adjusters.

Why Do Mobile Home Insurance Companies Deny Insurance Claims?

Mobile home insurance companies in Texas may deny insurance claims if:

  • Your policy does not cover the peril leading to the claim. For instance, mobile home insurance in Texas does not cover any flood-related loss. If such is the case, your insurance company will deny the claim. (Note: Flood insurance is a separate policy, which is also purchased separately)

  • Your insurer discovers fraud in your claim. Your insurer can deny your insurance if they discover that you overestimated the value of your mobile home or personal belongings

  • You have an unpaid premium.

  • Your mobile home insurance has lapsed

What to Do if my Mobile Home Claim is Denied?

If your mobile home insurer denies your claim in Texas, you can:

  • Speak with your property insurance agent about the denial. Your agent can help you determine the reason for denying your claim and appeal the denial

  • Hire a private appraiser to appraise your losses if your insurer states that your claim was denied because of loss overestimation

  • Hire a public insurance adjuster to inspect and evaluate your losses

  • File a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance via their online complaint system

  • File a lawsuit against your insurer if you feel unfairly treated with a denied claim

Discus you claim questions further with your insurer or a licensed Texas property insurance agent.