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Replacing Landlord Insurance in Texas

Key Points

  • The reasons to replace a landlord insurance policy may include a change in coverage needed, affordability, or dissatisfaction with the quality of services received from the current insurer.
  • If you wish to replace your landlord insurance, the process involves finding a better policy, purchasing the new insurance, and canceling the current insurance with care to avoid any gap in coverage.
  • Consulting with a Texas-licensed property insurance agent is beneficial throughout the process as they can provide professional advice, run insurance quotes, and help with the transition.
  • You can switch your landlord insurance to another company at any time, although it is recommended to do so around the time of policy renewal to avoid penalties.
  • Reasons to switch to a different insurance company may involve moving to a new location, an increase in property value, finding a company with better premiums and discounts, dissatisfaction with current services, or when the insurer refuses to cover new rental properties.


You can replace your landlord insurance policy either due to the coverage limits of your current policies or because of the insurance company that you use. There are different reasons that may warrant you replacing your landlord insurance. The reasons include:

  • Change in the coverage needed: You may decide to replace your rental property insurance if your current coverage is insufficient or your current insurer does not provide the coverage you want.
  • Affordability: This has to do with the cost of your policy. If your current landlord insurance seems too expensive for you, you can decide to change your policy if you find a better and more affordable deal.
  • The quality of the services received: You may also decide to replace your current landlord insurance if you are not satisfied with the services you receive from your current insurer.

Consult with a knowledgeable Texas-licensed property insurance agent to discuss your intention to replace your current policy and buying landlord insurance process overall. The agent can help you assess your needs, offer professional advice on whether you need to replace your landlord insurance policy with another or not, and run a landlord insurance quote.

How Do I Switch My Landlord Insurance to Another in Texas?

Landlord insurance is not duplicated with any other single type of coverage or a combination of coverages. If you are a property owner who rents their property for use by others, you are a landlord and you need landlord insurance. No other type of coverage would work. The only way to switch to another is by seeking coverage through a different insurer.

A licensed property insurance agent in Texas can help you with how you can smoothly switch your current landlord insurance to another. The agent assesses your needs and looks for the most optimal coverage at the most affordable price.

How Can I Replace My Texas Landlord Insurance?

You can replace your landlord insurance by:

  • Finding another landlord insurance policy that best meets your needs with the help of a Texas-licensed property insurance agent
  • Purchasing the new landlord insurance policy that better suits your needs
  • Canceling your current landlord insurance

You need to set the time for the cancellation or termination of your current rental property insurance policy to coincide with when your new landlord insurance becomes active so that you will not have any gap in coverage. Hence, even if your rental property gets damaged during the process of replacing your property insurance policy, you will remain covered. A professional licensed landlord insurance agent in Texas can help you find the best landlord insurance coverage to replace your current landlord insurance without a gap in coverage.

How Can I Replace My Landlord Insurance If I Find a Better Deal?

After you find a better landlord insurance deal, do the following:

  • Consult with a knowledgeable Texas-licensed property insurance agent to make sure that it is indeed a better deal compared to the plan you are currently on. The agent conducts an assessment of your insurance needs and verifies the actual needed coverage. The needs are then compared with what the proposed plan offers.
  • If it is confirmed that the proposed landlord insurance plan is a better deal and that there are no other even better alternatives that can be found, the agent can help you apply for the coverage.
  • Wait until the application process of the new policy is concluded before you begin the cancellation process of the one you wish to replace. This is to ensure that there is no gap in the coverage of your rental property.

Can I Switch My Landlord Insurance to Another Company?

Yes, you can switch your landlord insurance to another insurance company. A knowledgeable Texas-licensed property insurance agent can educate you on how to switch to another insurance company. Licensed and independent property agents usually have access to industry-wide deals, discounts, and policies. Therefore, they are in the best position to guide you through the process of switching your landlord insurance. Reasons that may warrant you changing your landlord insurance company include:

  • You have recently moved to a new location, or acquired another property in another location within Texas.
  • The value of your property has increased.
  • You find a landlord insurance company with lower premiums and better discounts.
  • You are not satisfied with the services provided by your current landlord insurance company.
  • You have new rental properties, and your current landlord insurer refuses to cover them.

What Happens If You Change Landlord Insurer Companies?

When you buy landlord insurance from another insurer, you end up canceling the landlord insurance policy with the previous insurance company and may attract a penalty and a cancellation fee. After switching your landlord insurance company to another landlord insurance company, the responsibility of covering your rental property is moved to the new insurer. Consult with a knowledgeable Texas-licensed property insurance agent before switching insurance companies to be sure you are making the right decision.

Can I Change Landlord Insurance Companies at Any Time?

Yes, you can change your landlord insurance company anytime. However, there may be some penalties for doing so. The best time to change your landlord insurance company is when you are about to renew your rental property insurance with your current insurer. You can just change your insurance company by not renewing your policy with the insurer and purchasing a new one from another landlord insurance company. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the help of an independent Texas-licensed property insurance agent who can help you change your insurance company.

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