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What is Covered and Not Covered By Pet Insurance in Texas?

Key Points

Texas Pet insurance may cover:

Texas Pet insurance typically will not cover:

In this article we will take a look at the commonly asked questions about pet insurance coverage in Texas. As a general rule, most pet insurance covers dogs and cats from accidents and injuries but you can purchase add-on coverages to help pay for routine and preventative care.

What Does Texas Pet Insurance Cover?

Below are the most commonly covered items:

Does Pet Insurance Cover Accidents and Injuries?

Most pet insurers in Texas cover treatment of injuries caused by accidents. Some of the services covered include surgeries, X-rays, and MRIs. Pet owners are generally advised to purchase accidental coverage as the base-level protection against sudden expenses associated with emergency room services.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Illnesses?

Some pet insurance plans also cover pet illnesses. In Texas this may include illnesses like arthritis, cancer, urinary tract infection or ear infections, or hospitalization.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Dental?

In Texas, most pet insurers provide pet dental coverage. Maintaining good dental hygiene is an important aspect of caring for your dog, cat, or other pet and ensuring good health. Dental care should be part of your pet’s daily routine. Pet dental insurance normally includes coverage for damaged teeth if the pet’s teeth were injured by an accident. It is worth pointing out that most pet insurance companies will not cover dental injury, which was pre-existing to the policy coverage. Some examples of dental claims that may be eligible for coverage include the extraction or reconstruction of a tooth that was fractured or broken when your pet was chewing on a bone, biting a fence, or in an accident.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Behavioral Issues?

Many Texas pet insurance plans cover veterinary care and consultation for behavioral issues, such as separation anxiety, chewing, aggression, and excessive licking. Some pet insurers offer this coverage as an optional add-on (rider) to the policy.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Alternative Therapies?

Alternative treatments such as; chiropractic care or acupuncture are covered by some pet insurers represented in Texas. Due to the extensive variety of possible coverages and costs of these therapies, it is best to seek advice from your pet insurance company on the terms and the options that can fit your pet’s needs.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Hereditary and Congenital Conditions?

Some pet breeds may have hereditary conditions which may go initially undetected. A common example of a hereditary condition is hip dysplasia, mostly found in dogs. Some dog insurance plans may include this coverage, while others may provide it as an add-on or completely exclude such conditions from coverage. Texas pet owners looking for hereditary and congenital conditions coverage for their pets need to verify the availability of such coverage from their pet insurance company before committing to buying a plan.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Wellness Treatments?

Some pet insurance plans may include wellness treatments such as vaccinations, flea prevention, Rx medications, yearly physicals. Most pet insurance providers in Texas do not include preventive care; some offer it as an add-on to the policy, and others place it in their top-tier plans.

What Does Pet Insurance Not Cover in Texas?

Here are the most common items that are typically not covered by pet insurance:

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre-existing Medical Conditions?

In Texas, pre-existing conditions include any health condition or injury that exists before you enroll your pet in an insurance policy. These types of conditions that are pre-existing to the policy coverage are typically not covered. However, some pet insurers may cover pre-existing conditions which they have determined are curable.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Spaying?

Most pet insurance plans that you find in Texas do not cover spaying.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Cosmetic Procedures?

Most pet insurance plans in Texas do not cover cosmetic procedures such as ear cropping, tail docking, breeding, claw removal, or whelp.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pregnancy?

Insurance plans for pet pregnancy may vary depending on the insurer. However, most Texas plans do not cover costs due to pregnancy and breeding.

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