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Cell Phone Insurance in Texas

Cell phone insurance is a protection provided to your cell phone to cover events where it gets damaged, stolen, or lost. Texans can purchase cell phone insurance from phone manufacturers, network providers, and third-party insurance companies. Like every other insurance policy, a cell phone insurance policy requires the payment of premiums and deductibles. However, you may be eligible for a discount if you purchase through some cell phone insurance providers. Cell phone insurance Texas is not limited to the phone; an individual in a cell phone business may need insurance to provide liability coverage when there is a loss. It is best to speak to a state-licensed insurance agent for more information; however, you can also ask the following questions when purchasing cell phone insurance in Texas:

How Does Cell Phone Insurance Work in Texas?

In Texas, a cell phone insurance policy protects a cell phone owner by replacing or repairing their phones and other mobile devices in case of loss, theft, or accidental damage. So how does phone insurance work in the state? Usually, in exchange for the payment of premium, the insurance provider insures the cellphone so that when it is damaged or lost, the insurance provider will repair or replace it for you. This is subject to other terms and conditions being met, usually requiring the payment of deductibles or service fee.

Cell phone insurance TX plans are offered by various cell phone carriers and certain smartphone manufacturers including Apple and Samsung. It is also possible to get an extended warranty when you purchase your phone with a credit card. Some Texas insurance companies offer homeowners, renters, and auto products that cover phone loss and damage.

In the abundance of options, many cell phone insurance policies offer similar protection. Yet, it is necessary to critically review available plans before choosing which one you should purchase. Texas’ best phone insurance policies share the three key features — low cost, low deductible, and easy claim process.

However, note that if it sounds too good to be true, it could be a scam. Generally, this applies to the insurance industry as a whole. Before selecting a cellphone insurance provider in Texas, you must first determine whether or not the provider is authentic and licensed to operate an insurance business in the state. Then you need to research the company’s reviews to understand how they handle the claims and if the existing customers are happy with the results.

What Does Smart Phone Insurance Cover?

Texas smartphone and cell phone insurance coverage depends on the prospective insured’s needs - your needs. Cellphone insurance coverages are characteristically similar across most, if not all, available policies. For instance, if you ask most insurance providers, does phone insurance cover cracked screens, most of them will answer yes. Some of the most common coverage in cell phone insurance Texas include:

  • Theft or loss of the phone
  • Intermittents issues with electrical components
  • Complete mechanical breakdowns

But the most coveted feature of smartphone insurance remains the Screen Replacement.

The level of coverage varies between the insurers and the chosen plans.

Providing coverage from the manufacturer’s corner, there are two main phone insurance giants: AppleCare+ and SamsungCare+.

AppleCare+ provides coverage for iPhone and other Apple devices from theft or loss and accidental damage. Customers are limited to two claims per year and filing the claim will still cost you $29 to $149 per occurrence .

SamsungCare+ insurance policy covers Samsung devices from the risk of accidental damage, screen cracks, and liquid spills. Mechanical breakdowns, otherwise known as company-fault issues, are fixed at $0 deductible. While the company offers lower premiums for some devices, high-end devices command higher premiums. Of note, SamsungCare+ does not cover phone loss and theft.

There are also credit card cell phone insurance protection plans which typically cover damage and loss. Some of these credit card companies offer coverage up to the cost of your cell phone, or up to an average $600 per claim. Most of these credit cards allow you to file a claim up to two times a year with an average of $1,000 total reimbursement, with an average deductible of $50.

Most Texas homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies cover phone damage by theft, vandalism, fire, and natural disaster. The Texas Insurance Law applies limitations to the standard contents that homeowners/renters’ policies can cover. This means that the insured may not get the exact value of the lost/damaged cell phone. The question of what does phone insurance cover requires you to conduct proper research before purchasing a cell phone insurance policy to know what phone covers.

Does Phone Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Yes, Texas phone insurance covers water damage. It also usually covers any other liquid damage, accidental damage from handling, and comprehensive damage, such as coverages from damage from fire, vandalism, or falling objects.

What Does Smart Phone Insurance Not Cover in Texas?

Smartphone insurance in Texas and in the United States as a whole does not provide coverage for some risks and damages in a cell phone policy. Some exclusions that the insurance provider may add to a cell phone insurance policy, includes but are not limited to:

  • Any damage caused intentionally. Texans cannot get coverage for cell phone damage due to their carelessness. For instance, if you forget to remove your phone from the roof of your car before driving off, your insurance provider may reject your claim based on your lack of reasonable care.
  • Theft that happens because you left your cell phone unattended will not be covered in a Texas cell phone insurance policy.
  • If the cell phone issue relates to malicious software such as electronic viruses, the cell phone insurance policy may not cover such.

Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth It?

If you have ever wondered, “Is it worth it to have cell phone insurance?”, the answer is usually a “Yes.” A cell phone insurance policy can be worth purchasing if you are vulnerable to losing your phone or damaging it. You rely on your cell phone for your day-to-day activities, so protecting it should be a priority, especially if you have invested a lot of money in purchasing that new smartphone. In Texas today, smartphones are high-value items because most of these cell phones are purchased at an average price of $800, so having cell phone insurance can be very useful for when the inevitable accident happens. Who has ever owned a phone that stayed completely undamaged after a few years of daily use? Some people have, but it is very rare.

Since getting cell phone insurance is not a requirement, you need to decide if it is worth it and if you should get insurance coverage for your phone.

Is Cell Phone Insurance a Waste of Money?

You need to answer this question based on your specific circumstances and facts, such as your equipment cost and how easy it is for you to financially afford the replacement if your phone is damaged or destroyed. You can use the following as a general guide to decide about whether to purchase cell insurance or not:

Pros of Cell Phone Insurance:

  • Cell phone insurance protects you from unexpected expenses when your cell phone is damaged or stolen.
  • With a cell phone insurance policy, you have extended protection once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Cons of Cell Phone Insurance:

  • Most cell phone insurance providers limit the amount of possible claims to 2 per 12 months, which can be a problem for an accident-prone cell phone owner.
  • Mobile phone insurance coverage is usually not cheap. You may be required to pay high premiums depending on your insurance provider.

Now that you know the pros and cons of cell phone insurance, the question of should I get phone insurance may still linger in your mind. If you are still not sure about getting insurance, you can answer the following questions to determine.

  • Do you stay connected with family and friends through your cell phone?
  • Do you use cell phones for work or emergencies?
  • Are you prone to losing or damaging your cell phone?
  • Is your smartphone too expensive to replace without insurance?
  • Do you work in danger-prone areas like heavy machinery that puts your cell phone at risk?

If most of your answers are yes, purchasing cell phone insurance can be a smart idea, particularly if you do not want to overspend to repair or replace your cell phone. Cell phone insurance eases the financial burden and saves you time from being stranded with a damaged phone.

Can You Get Phone Insurance After Purchase in Texas?

Yes, however, it may prove difficult for some phone owners because most insurance providers in Texas require you to purchase coverage for your cell phone on average within 60 days after purchase. For instance, Apple’s phone insurance policy requires its customers to insure their iPhones within 60 days of purchase. There are not many cost-effective options for you after exceeding these time limits.

The available third party cell phone insurance policies may be more expensive when purchasing a phone already in use. For instance, you may have a $500 cell phone and pay the same premium as a person with a $1,500 cell phone. This is because when you purchase an insurance policy on a new cell phone, it is easy for the insurance provider to use their analytical models to determine the likelihood of the screen cracking and the battery giving out. However, for a phone purchased outside the time limit, the insurance providers may have difficulty accessing the shape and longevity of a used phone because it will be hard to evaluate the battery life or even determine the probability of the screen cracking on its own or from you dropping it.

If you face difficulty in purchasing a cell phone insurance policy to cover your new phone, you can explore the following options:

  • Texas homeowners or renters insurance policy may cover personal items, including your cell phone, that can be stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Texans can purchase cell phone insurance policy from third party insurers, which can allow up to eight claims per year and give you an opportunity to customize your coverage.
  • Some credit cards with cell phone insurance coverage give cardholders access to some credit card companies’ benefits, including free phone insurance coverage.
  • Some credit card companies include an extended warranty benefit and insurance protection when you use that specific credit card to purchase the covered cell phone. For instance, American Express, and a selection of Visa and Mastercard providers include purchase protection for cell phones purchased on your credit card.
  • Visit an independent cell phone repair shop to check if they offer a cost-effective in-house repair or replacement plan.
  • Purchase coverage through an online quote of a trusted third party cell phone provider

Where to Get Cell Phone Insurance in Texas?

To obtain cell phone insurance in Texas, you can do so through phone manufacturers, wireless carriers, insurance providers, retailers, and other third-party providers. Cell phone insurance can also be purchased online, by getting an online quote. For this, you will need to know your phone model, provide personal information, and all additional details.

When picking out an insurance provider, you have to conduct proper research to know the specifics about how they handle claims. For instance, some insurance policies require you to return the phone to an authorized dealer for repairs or as a trade-in, while others may ask you to file a claim online and pay out the damages, allowing you to keep the broken device.

When picking an insurance provider, you should look out for the ones that offer affordable premiums, reasonable deductibles, extensive risk coverage, and convenient claims processing. Other additional factors you may look out for include customer reviews, bundling discounts, and multi-device options. Note that some service providers like Samsung Premium Care and AppleCare+ (without loss and theft) in Texas do not have extensive coverage for perils like theft.

How Much is Insurance for a Cell Phone in Texas?

When picking out the cell phone insurance policy to purchase, you must consider the maximum amount of coverage you need and can afford. When phone insurance companies determine the cost of premium, deductibles, or service fees, they consider the brand of a phone, model, and age of the device. For instance, the AppleCare+ policy premium for accidental damage of newer models of iPhones cost an average of $9 per month, while the premium for theft and loss cost averages $11 per month. Similarly, the SamsungCare+ policy premium cost ranges between $3 to $19 per month, depending on your type of coverage.

Affordability is the key when insuring this type of rapidly depreciating asset. Even though most cell phone insurance provides broad coverages, it usually has separate deductibles depending on the type of damage. You may need to pay separate deductibles for theft coverage and cracked screen coverage in the same cell phone insurance policy.

For instance, AppleCare+ policy deductibles average $29 for accidental damages and $149 for theft or loss. Likewise, the SamsungCare+ policy offers deductibles ranging between $29 to $99 depending on the coverage. Also third party insurers like Asurion determine your deductible by the model of phone you are using, while AllState offers a high deductible if your phone is old. So when thinking about how much you are willing to pay for insurance coverage, you also have to consider the cost of deductible and premium. In the end, when purchasing a cell phone insurance coverage, the best policies are always cost-effective with low deductibles, which makes it easy to file a phone insurance claim.

What is Cell Phone Business Insurance?

Cell phone store business insurance is the type of insurance that protects business through liability and property coverages. Cell phone stores sell phones and accessories. They also offer cell phone repair services. The owners of the cell store, like any Texas business, should carry insurance, which protects their property (inventory, storefront, etc.) and also covers the business liabilities, if the business is at fault with some problem. Cell phone stores in Texas can pick from multiple business insurance coverage types that can help mitigate the potential risks and protect the business from needless expenses.

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