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Lubbock County

Driving in Lubbock County

Lubbock County's roadways are home to an estimated 250,053 private and commercial vehicles, according to estimates. It is estimated that around 1.07% of all vehicles registered in the state of Texas are represented by this figure.

The majority of adult drivers in Lubbock County commute alone to their places of work, with nearly 11% of those journeys lasting more than 30 minutes.

The state of Texas has an uninsured vehicle rate of about 20%. This means that there could be more than 50,000 uninsured or underinsured autos on the roads in Lubbock County alone, based on statistical data.

Auto Insurance Analysis:

  1. There are over 250 thousand registered vehicles in Lubbock County that require insurance. Depending on the type of vehicle and its intended use, Private Auto, Commercial Auto, Auto liability, Comprehensive Auto, and other types of insurance may be necessary.

  2. The vast majority of Lubbock County inhabitants drive their own cars, which increases traffic congestion on the roads and, as a result, increases the likelihood of an accident occurring on the road. A common consequence of this is that insurance premiums are regularly raised.

  3. Uninsured Driver Coverage is crucial in Texas, where one in every five drivers is uninsured. Coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists costs Texans more than $900 million per year.

Contact a Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas for consultation and advice on auto insurance in Lubbock County.

Lubbock County Housing

Lubbock County's approximately 140,825 housing units are almost evenly distributed throughout the county, as is the case all throughout Texas, where residences are overwhelmingly owned by their respective owners. The proportion of homeowners (55%) in the county is close to the proportion of renters (45%). The housing units in the surrounding counties are predominantly homeowner occupied, with Lynn County leading and Hale County having the second-highest proportion of homeowners and more than 62% of homes for rent. Among the neighboring counties, Terry County and Garza County have a lower rate of homeowner occupied housing units and a higher rate of homes for rent with over 69% and 70%.

Due to high housing expenses, congestion, a lack of plumbing, or kitchen issues, nearly 1 in 5 homes in Lubbock County has significant housing problems.

Housing Insurance Analysis:

  1. Lubbock County has overalmost 14037 thousand housing units that require insurance coverage. At the very least, all owners of these properties should carry Homeowners, Condo, and/or Business property insurance (for apartment complexes), to safeguard the underlying financial investment against loss or damage.

  2. Landlords of Lubbock County's more thanover 60,000 rental units are urged to acquire Landlord Insurance, which protects both the property and the landlord against potential liability claims brought by renters.

  3. Tenants are encouraged to buy Renters Insurance coverage in order to protect their personal items from any damage or loss. Renters' insurance policies frequently include coverage for theft and damage caused by fire, smoke, water, and vandalism, among other things. Landlords in Lubbock County frequently require tenants to have renters insurance.

For consultation advice on Homeowners or Renters insurance in Lubbock County, contact a knowledgeable Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas.

A Texas P&C Insurance Agent:

  • analyzes your needs and restrictions,
  • researches the locally available plans that fit your needs,
  • provides you with the available options of coverage,
  • explains how the differences between the options affect you once you start using each insurance product
  • assists you with the application process
  • does not affect your cost of insurance. (agent’s service is usually paid by the insurer)

Lubbock County Health

In Lubbock County, 1 out of 5 adults and nearly 9% of all children do not have proper health insurance coverage, compared to a 21 percent average for adults and more than 11 percent for children across the state. Lamb, Terry, and Floyd Counties, which are close neighbors of Lubbock County have nearly the same adult uninsured rate, at more than 26%, making them the highest in the surrounding area while Crosby County and Lynn County have a lower uninsured rate with over 21% among the neighboring counties. Uninsured adult rates are highest in Gaines County, where they reach about 36%, and lowest in Loving County, where they are atreach approximately 11%.

Residents of Lubbock County, Texas, have health issues at the rate of more than 1 in 5 adults (. Nnearly 51,000 residents)people are included in this total.

The fact that around 22% of Lubbock's population is not actively involved in any physical health activities increases the likelihood of health problems in the county.

As a result, more than 31% of Lubbock County residents are classified as overweight or obese (with a BMI of 30 or above). This places Lubbock County among the counties with the highest obesity rates in the state of Texas. Garza County, has the lowest obesity percentage of the surrounding counties, with only 19% being obese, which is less than almost half of the state average of 31% obesity rate. On the other hand, Terry County has a population of adults who are considered obese, which is approximately 37%, making it the highest in the neighboring area.

On and off the state marketplace, there are at least 2 health insurers in Lubbock County that provide affordable and frequently subsidized ACA health insurance.

Health Insurance Analysis:

  1. Health insurance is the most important type of insurance coverage, and more than 49 thousand residents of Lubbock County do not have access to this essential coverage.

  2. Texas is among the states that allow the sale of multiple types of health insurance and supplemental products. This makes it easier for Texans to obtain coverage that fits their specific needs (both medically and financially): Group or Individual Marketplace ACA health insurance, Various types of Short-term insurance (up to 3 years in coverage), Hospital Indemnity, Accident & Health, etc.

  3. If health insurance is not obtained owing to cost, low-income individuals should apply for government subsidies, which can significantly reduce the cost of insurance.

  4. If you do not have any pre-existing problems, Short-term insurance may be an option for you. (* Some Texas multi-year short term health insurance plans may cover certain pre-existing conditions after a year or more of coverage)

To receive consultation and advice about the available health insurance in Lubbock County, contact a licensed and experienced health insurance agent in Texas.

A Texas Health Insurance Agent:

  • analyzes your needs and restrictions,
  • researches the locally available plans that fit your needs,
  • provides you with the available options of coverage,
  • explains how the differences between the options affect you once you start using each insurance product
  • assists you with the application process
  • does not affect your cost of insurance. (agent’s service is paid by the insurer)

Lubbock County Mortality and the End of Life Statistics

Compared to the state of Texas, Lubbock County has a life expectancy of 76.4 years, which is lower than the state average of 79.2. Terry County, which borders Lubbock County, has a lower life expectancy among the county's neighbors, at 74.7 years, while Garza County has a longer life span, adding more than three years to Terry County's life expectancy rate. In Texas, Presidio County has the highest life expectancy at 88.8 years old, while Donley County has the lowest at 72.8 years old.

There were over 40,400 seniors (65 and older) residing in Lubbock County, as of 2022.

Life Insurance Facts:

  1. 48% of all Americans did not have an active life insurance policy in 2021.

  2. The age of the person insured when the policy begins is the basis of the Life insurance premiums. The younger you are when you get it, the more you save throughout the policy.

Motor Vehicle Fatalities in Lubbock County

According to statistics, motor vehicle fatalities occur at a rate of 15.46 per 100,000 vehicles on the road in Lubbock County, resulting in around 38 fatal crashes per year.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT) reported over 6,795 collisions in Lubbock County in 2020, with a total of 45 fatalities as a result of the crashes. Alcohol has been shown to be the primary contributing factor in fatal crashes in Lubbock County in more than 35% of all driving fatalities in the county.

Final Expenses – Lubbock County Funeral Home Cost

Funeral expenses within and around Lubbock County may vary drastically. The average price of a funeral in Lubbock County costs about $6,000, which is in line with the state-average of $6,200. Among the neighbors, Crosby county reports the second-highest average funeral cost of $5,900, while Garza County funeral home services may be considered to have the lowest average cost among its neighboring counties at $4,600.

Life Insurance Analysis:

  1. NWith over 46% of Americans dying with less than $10,000 in savings, nearly 19,000 senior residents in Lubbock County could be placing an unwanted and often intolerable financial strain on their families and friends if they die with less than $10,000 in savings. Rather than lamenting their loss, the family may have tomust now focus on securing the funds necessary to cover the bill. (Note: If using life insurance as payment for the funeral services, most funeral homes require the policy to be “assignable”)

  2. In addition to the cost of the funeral, the decedent's family of the deceased is frequently left with unpaid taxes and other debts.

  3. The most frequently used life insurance policies to cover “final expenses” up to $50,000 are: Term Life Insurance and Final Expense Insurance.

  4. The most commonly used life insurance policies to leave money to the family are the variations of: Term Life Insurance and Cash Value insurance, such as Whole Life insurance, Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance, and Final Expense.

Contact an experienced and knowledgeable Texas-licensed life insurance agent with access to multiple insurers and types of plans. Discuss your life insurance needs and seek advice on how to get the most optimal coverage.

The use of a Texas insurance agent typically does NOT incur additional costs to the insured.