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Making Changes to Tornado Insurance in Texas

You can decide to make changes to your tornado insurance coverage for different reasons. These reasons could include adding more properties to your coverage, increasing or reducing your coverage limits or deductible, if you recently moved to a different location, or wish to make other changes to your coverage type.

Can I Make Changes to the Coverage of Tornado Insurance Policy?

Yes. You can make changes to some parts of your tornado insurance policy, such as the coverage, the amount of deductible, limits on claims, and even the insurance company that provides your coverage. If you are making any changes to your current insurance policy, then you will need to do this before renewal so that the changes will reflect on the subsequent policy.

What Can be Changed in Tornado Insurance?

The things that can be changed in your tornado insurance include:

  • Coverage: You can change the amount of coverage or even the extent of your policy coverage. You might find yourself in a situation where you either need to reduce your coverage due to a change of circumstances or increase your coverage to accommodate new properties.

  • Increase or reduce your deductible: You may either increase or reduce your deductible for various reasons. You may decide to increase your deductible if the risk of tornados in your area is low or want to reduce the amount you have to pay as premiums. Although if you have a building or property in a high-risk area, increasing your deductible is a bad idea because if a tornado occurs, you will have to bear most or all of the costs resulting from the incurred damages. You might decide to reduce your deductible if the likelihood of a tornado storm is high in your area, and you do not want to have to pay so much out of pocket for repairs or rebuilding if a tornado occurs.

  • Including new items on your coverage or reducing items on your coverage: You may decide to remove some items from your tornado insurance contents coverage or include new items on your coverage. These will be reflected in the coverage after renewal.

  • Change insurance companies: You can also decide to go for another insurance company in order to take advantage of cost-effective premiums, discounts, a better coverage plan, or for any other reason. Before canceling your existing policy, make sure that you have gotten a new policy. This is to ensure that you do not have a lapse in your insurance coverage.

How Can I Make Changes to an Active Tornado Insurance Policy?

If you want to make any changes to your active tornado insurance policy, you will need to contact your insurance company to let them know what changes you want to make. However, before doing that, ensure you consult with your insurance agent to review your current tornado insurance policy and let them know what changes you want to make.

Can I Add Property to Tornado Insurance?

Yes, you can add more properties to your tornado insurance policy. However, this might result in a higher premium cost. If you are still within your coverage limit, you might be able to include more property on a single insurance policy, but if you exceed the maximum coverage limit, you might need to purchase an additional policy to cover the extra property.

Can I Remove Property from Tornado Insurance?

Yes, you can remove property from your tornado insurance anytime you want. However, removing property is best done before the renewal of your policy.

Your insurance company cannot make any changes to your tornado insurance policy without informing you.

Make sure to speak with a knowledgeable Texas property insurance agent to discuss the changes you would like to make. The agent can assess your insurance needs and explain to you how any proposed change will affect your current coverage and or its cost.