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Making Changes to Hurricane Insurance Coverage in Texas

You can make changes to your windstorm or flood insurance under your hurricane insurance policy at any time of the year, provided that it is possible with your type of policy and the company agrees. Most private insurance companies require documents, such as a copy of the policy certificate, a valid identification, and a request letter to approve the changes to your storm insurance coverages.

Can I Make Changes to the Coverage of Hurricane Insurance Policy?

Yes, you can make changes to your policies before renewing them. You can decide to increase or reduce the coverage limit on your policy. To do this, you must ensure your insurance provider is aware of the intended changes. This is because most changes to your policy will affect the cost of your insurance policy.

What Can Be Changed in Hurricane Insurance?

Sometimes, you may need to increase or decrease the flood or windstorm insurance coverage on your disaster insurance in the following circumstances:

  • Coverage limit:If you live in a high-risk area like Galveston City, you may want to increase your coverage limit to ensure you are fully covered when a hurricane occurs.

  • Administrative and personal changes: You can make administrative and personal changes to the policies which will not affect the cost, such as wrong personal information like misspelled names, contact, or next of kin name(s).

  • Reduction or increase of your deductible: If you can not afford to pay the regular premium for hurricane insurance, you can reduce or increase your deductible. However, after a hurricane, you may have to pay most or all of the cost of repairs and replacements.

  • Add or remove properties: If you purchase a new property or sell off a property, you can contact your insurer to let them know about the new development.

Before changing your property insurance policy, make sure that you speak to a knowledgeable Texas-licensed P&C agent about your proposed changes.

How Can I Make Changes to an Active Hurricane Insurance Policy?

To make the changes in your flood and windstorm insurance policy in two ways:

  • Contact your insurance company to let them know that you want to make changes to your policy. They will then let you know how to submit the request to make the necessary changes. These changes can be effected via an online platform provided by your insurance provider, phone call, in-person visit, or email.

  • Contact an experienced insurance agent in Texas to help you with the process of making the necessary changes to your flood and windstorm insurance policies. The insurance agent will help you look for alternatives if your existing insurance provider cannot effect the change.

Note that you can not make changes to an active insurance policy if it affects its terms and conditions. Contacting a knowledgeable Texas-licensed P&C agent is usually the best option because they can help you simplify the process of making changes to your active disaster insurance policy.

Can I Add Property to Hurricane Insurance?

Yes. If you have a property that you want to add to your hurricane insurance policy, you can contact your insurance company to see if the property qualifies to be added. The TWIA, for instance, only covers properties within the 14 counties in the designated disaster zone. The property you want to add to your windstorm insurance policy must be located within the designated disaster zone. Where it is possible to add another property to your existing flood or windstorm insurance policy, you will not have to purchase a separate policy for each property. All the properties will be covered under a single windstorm or flood insurance policy. Nonetheless, consult with a Texas-licensed P&C insurance agent to get personalized guidance when you intend to add a property to your existing insurance policy.

Can I Remove Property from Hurricane Insurance?

Yes. If you have a property covered by your Hurricane insurance policy in Texas, you can remove it from it by contacting your insurance company. However, it is advisable to remove a property from your policy at the end of your policy term when you want to renew the policy. Removing a property will drop your insurance premium when the insurance company reviews your policy. Speak to a Texas-licensed P&C insurance agent to provide guidance regarding the process of removing property.

Nothing can be changed in the insurance policies without your consent. If an insurance company changes the terms of your hurricane policy without your consent, it is considered a breach of contract. You should talk to a Texas-licensed P&C insurance agent to advise you on the necessary legal steps you can take.