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Buying Hurricane Insurance in Texas

You can get hurricane insurance for your home, commercial or rented building in Texas through a private insurance company or a government-sponsored program. When planning on buying hurricane insurance in Texas, it is advisable that you thoroughly assess the risks that your building structure faces. This will allow you to choose the right coverage amount of flood and windstorm insurance.

It is best to shop around for a good deal from different insurance providers in Texas. Doing so will allow you to get the best possible price. The best option is to consult with a Texas-licensed insurance agent to guide you through the process of getting hurricane coverage that suits your specific hurricane insurance needs.

Do You Actually Need Hurricane Insurance?

Most homes and businesses in Texas might find it hard to operate due to the property damage caused by a hurricane. To avoid financial hardship, you need to have hurricane insurance. This type of insurance can help minimize the economic impact of the disaster on your finances.

Usually, the amount of coverage you buy will depend on your assessment of the risk open to your building structure. Having enough coverage on your building will help restore you to your state before the disaster occurred. To help you find the right amount of flood and windstorm insurance suitable to protect you against hurricane disaster, contact a licensed Texas insurance professional. The agent will evaluate your current needs and provide you with multiple options to meet those specific insurance needs.

How to Shop for Hurricane Insurance in Texas

You can purchase hurricane insurance coverages, that is, flood and windstorm insurance, online, in person, or through a licensed insurance agent in Texas. There are certain steps that you should take while shopping for a policy:

Consider your hurricane risks: Before you buy a hurricane insurance policy, it is essential that you thoroughly assess the risks that your building faces. For instance, building structures in the City of Galveston in Texas are at risk of experiencing severe damage from the powerful storms that can hit the state. Houston-area building structures are also prone to experiencing floods due to hurricanes coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

Shop around for quotes: It is important that you get and compare quotes from various insurance providers. Doing so will allow you to find the best possible deal suitable for your specific insurance needs.

Find a proficient insurance agent: You should contact a licensed insurance agent to help you get multiple quotes and compare various insurance policies. The agent can help you find the ideal coverage for your home or commercial building.

Do annual reassessment of your policy: Every year, review your insurance policies to ensure that it's still appropriate to provide protection. Also, ensure you inform your agent of any changes to your building structure that can help you lower your premium.

What are my Hurricane Insurance Options in Texas?

When planning to purchase hurricane insurance in Texas, you have two options: a private company and a government-sponsored federal program. You can get flood insurance to cover hurricane damages for residential or commercial buildings in Texas through:

  • Private insurance companies

  • National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Meanwhile, you can get windstorm insurance to protect against hurricane damages caused by strong high winds through:

  • Private insurance companies

  • Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the Tropical Wind Insurance Agency (TWIA) are government-run programs that provide hurricane insurance. A Texas-licensed P&C insurance agent can help you if you're looking to buy hurricane insurance.

How to Compare Hurricane Insurance Quotes?

The best way to compare hurricane insurance quotes is to contact a state-licensed insurance agent who can help you get insurance quotes from different insurers and guide you to choose the most suitable plan with the best price.

How to Apply for Hurricane Insurance?

When looking to purchase windstorm or flood insurance policies, first speak to a licensed agent to guide you through the process. Nonetheless, here are ways you can apply for windstorm or flood insurance.

  • Contact your current Texas-licensed property insurance agent: An experienced insurance agent can help you evaluate the various insurance options available to you and provide you with the best possible coverage. A proficient independent agent will be able to do the following for you:

  • Evaluate the different windstorm and flood insurance options available to you.

  • Thoroughly review any current policies you may have to ensure that they align with your everyday needs.

  • Thoroughly research the different companies that offer the types of coverage you need. Note that some insurers in Texas only work with staff agents. If you would like to receive a quote or assistance, you must contact the company's captive agents.

  • Shop for multiple policy discounts.

  • Contact your current Texas property insurer: If you consider adding windstorm and flood insurance to your Texas property insurance policy, contact your current insurer to see if it will be possible. The insurance company staff (Captive) agent can explain the various options and provide you with the necessary details to make an informed decision. Your insurer’s agent can also help you complete your application and bundle the coverages. However, they cannot assist with applications for insurance from other companies. If you are looking for more options, speak with an independent agent.

  • Online: You can search for and apply for insurance online or through the company's web portals. When you submit a quote request in Texas, you must agree to receive follow-up calls from the insurance agents working for the company. The captive agent will then talk to you about their available options. If you're not satisfied with your online search results or looking for more coverage options, you can speak with an independent insurance agent, who can quote from multiple insurers.

Before proceeding with your application to the relevant insurance provider, you will need to carry out the following:

  • Identify the hurricane zone where your building is located.

  • Fill out and submit the appropriate flood and hurricane insurance application.

  • Ensure all relevant documentation that can help you get a discount accompanies your application, especially documents like certificate of compliance, elevation certificate, and zone determination.

Then you will need to provide all of the necessary information when completing an application for your windstorm or flood insurance policy in Texas, including:

  • Applicant (Co-Applicant where applicable) personal information: Name, phone, email

  • Other interested parties: Contact information if there is a lender (an individual or financial institution) or mortgage on the property

  • Address of the property to be insured: Physical and mailing addresses.

  • Property information, which may include:

    • Construction type

    • Foundation type

    • Number of stories

    • Number of chimneys and fireplaces and more

    • Roof Type

    • Square Footage of the Property

    • Year of Construction

  • Companion Policy Insurance Coverages. Windstorm and flood insurance coverage is applied in addition to a primary (Companion) property policy, which includes:

    • Homeowners

    • Condominium Unit Owner

    • Mobilehome

    • Landlord (building)

    • Renters

  • Requested companion policy coverage are:

    • Dwelling Coverage Limits and Deductible

    • Personal Property Coverage Limits and Deductible

    • Loss of Use Limits and Deductible

Once the quote is accepted and the premium is chosen, the applicant needs to provide the information about the party that will be responsible for paying the bill during every billing cycle:

  • The insured

  • Mortgage bank: A mortgage bank collects the premium from the monthly mortgage payment and then distributes the insurance portion from the escrow account to the insurer.

  • Another financially involved party (premium financing company)

Note that if you use an insurance agent, they will be the link between you and the company. They are responsible for ensuring that the application process is completed correctly and that the company has all the necessary documents. After the policy has been purchased, the agent can remain in contact with the company on your behalf. They are usually the ones who will talk to you about any issues or disputes that you might have with the insurance company.

Where Can I Buy Affordable Hurricane Insurance in Texas?

Hurricane insurance is not sold as a separate policy in Texas. Instead, it is obtained through flood and windstorm insurance which are the main aftermaths of hurricane damages.

You can get affordable flood insurance from FEMA’s National Hurricane Insurance Program because it provides lower prices than private insurance companies. However, the NFIP may not be the best option for commercial buildings because the coverage is limited. Many business owners would rather purchase flood insurance for their commercial buildings from private insurers.

Windstorm insurance purchased from a private insurance company is always cheaper than obtained from the TWIA. However, it is hard to get wind insurance through an insurance company. Likewise, not all homes in Texas can get windstorm insurance through the TWIA. The property to be insured must be located in one of the 14 counties covered by the association. Applicants must also show proof of windstorm coverage rejection from their private insurers to be considered for insurance by the TWIA.

You can consult with a Texas-licensed P&C agent so they can help you get the most affordable deal that perfectly suits your specific needs.

Who Can Help with Application for Hurricane Insurance?

A state-licensed property and casualty agent in Texas can help with your hurricane insurance coverage by handling the purchase of flood and windstorm insurance policies.

Can you Purchase Hurricane Insurance through an Agent?

Yes, you can purchase hurricane insurance, consisting of flood and windstorm insurance coverage in Texas, through a licensed P&C insurance agent.

Why Do I Need an Agent for Hurricane Insurance?

Understanding the various aspects of an insurance policy is very important to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. A licensed insurance agent can help make the insured's buying and applying process easier. An insurance agent can help you:

  • Get adequate flood and windstorm insurance to protect you from hurricane-incurred damages

  • Understand the various elements of the policy and find the right solution for you

  • Understand the different insurance terms and coverages

  • Find the best possible rate suitable for your insurance-specific needs.

How to Choose an Agent for Hurricane Insurance?

Choosing an agent for your hurricane insurance depends on your specific insurance needs, that is, whether you need to insure a private property or a commercial property. A private P&C insurance agent can offer residential and non-business insurance. Conversely, a commercial P&C insurance agent in Texas can provide various insurance coverages for businesses and real estate. Aside from property, they can also provide liability and business interruption insurance.

In addition, there are two types of insurance agents available in Texas: captive and independent agents.

  • Captive agents are those who only sell insurance products that their employers provide. These agents can discuss and sell only the products that their employers offer.

  • Independent agents can offer various types of insurance products to their clients, and they can also get paid commissions by these insurance companies when they close a deal.

If you are looking to shop for multiple insurance companies, an independent agent is the best choice. A captive agent might benefit you if you want to get windstorm and flood coverage under your disaster insurance from a specific insurance company.

Before hiring an insurance agent, make sure that the agent is licensed. The Texas Department of Insurance has a license lookup tool to help you find a licensed agent. You should also find out about the work experience of the insurance agents you want to work with from trusted sources like friends and family who have worked with them before.

How Can I Find an Agent Who is Proficient in Hurricane Insurance?

To find an agent proficient in hurricane insurance, you can use the agent lookup tool provided by the Texas Department of Insurance. Hurricane insurance comprises flood and windstorm insurance policies. Hence, if you need an agent proficient in flood insurance, you can search through the NFIP portal or call (877) 336-2627 or (800) 427-4661 to be connected to an agent. On the other hand, if you need an agent conversant with windstorm insurance, you can use the Find an Agent platform provided by the TWIA or contact them at (800) 788-8247 for further inquiries.

How to Compare Hurricane Insurance Quotes

When you start searching for a hurricane insurance policy in Texas, it is essential that you compare multiple quotes from multiple insurance companies. Doing so will allow you to find the best deal. If you are not familiar with how to shop for insurance quotes, you might get a poor deal that will not provide the necessary coverage.

If you are looking to get and compare multiple hurricane insurance quotes, you should use the services of a licensed insurance agent. They can help you get the best deal by matching the quotes from different insurers with your needs and their help does not cost you anything extra.

How Many Hurricane Insurance Quotes Should I Get?

You should always aim to get two to three quotes from different insurance providers. Ensure the quotes you are comparing have the same coverage amount. If the terms of the policies are not the same, it makes it hard to compare. Consult with a licensed insurance agent for help regarding getting hurricane insurance quotes.

Can I Buy Hurricane Insurance Online?

You will need an agent to get flood and windstorm insurance through FEMA and TWIA, respectively. If you look to buy hurricane insurance from a private insurance company, you may be able to buy it online via their website if they have a portal for online purchases. However, you will still need to consult with an agent to help you decide what coverage plan to pick based on your needs, to ensure you are fully protected.

How to Renew Hurricane Insurance in Texas?

Typically, your windstorm and flood insurance will renew every year, except you have applied to have the policy canceled. As with other insurance policies, your premium may change as the insurance company changes its policies based on the latest developments in the field. You will automatically receive a renewal notice, and if you intend to renew your insurance policy, you can make the required payment for your next year's premium. Although the insurance company may change its policies based on the latest developments in the field, it will not alter the terms of your policy without your knowledge. If the terms of your insurance policy are no longer acceptable to you, contact your insurance company and discuss your possible alternatives. If there is none, you can contact a state-licensed insurance agent to help you shop around for better rates suitable for your needs.

How Often Should I Renew Hurricane Insurance

For continuous protection against hurricane damages, ensure you renew your windstorm and flood insurance annually. Before renewal, consult with a licensed agent to reassess your building to be sure you do not need to purchase more coverage in addition to what you already have.