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Cooke County

Driving in Cooke County

Approximately 32,964 vehicles are registered in Cooke County for both commercial and private use. These registered vehicles make up for about 0.14% in the entire state of Texas.

About 18,351 adult drivers commute to work daily in Cooke County, with less than half of those commutes lasting for over 30 minutes.

Over 20% of vehicles in Texas are considered uninsured, so there could be more or less 6,500 vehicles in Cooke County that are either uninsured or underinsured.

In Texas, car insurance acts as ‘a proof of financial responsibility’ so driving without it is considered illegal.

Auto Insurance Analysis:

  1. More than 32,000 vehicles registered in Cooke County are in need of auto insurance. The compulsory insurance may range from Private Auto, Commercial or Farm Auto, Auto Liability, Commercial Inland Marine, etc. The auto insurance may also depend on the type of a vehicle and its use.

  2. Longer daily commutes can result in an increase of auto insurance cost because it increases the time a driver spends on the road. The more time the driver spends on the road, the higher the risk of a possible vehicular accident. To sum up, the amount of risk influences the cost of the auto insurance.

  3. Majority of the residents in Cooke county drive alone, which leads to an increase of traffic on the road, and results in an inflation of insurance premiums.

  4. An estimated 1 out of 5 drivers in Texas are either uninsured or underinsured, so that makes the Uninsured Driver Coverage increasingly important. Over $900 million are spent annually by Texans to pay for Uninsured and Underinsured Auto coverages.

If you need consultation and advice regarding Auto insurance in Cooke County, contact a Property & Casualty insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas.

Cooke County Housing

There are an estimated 17,402 housing units in Cooke County, with more than half of them occupied by Homeowners rather than Renters. Homeowners make up around 69% of all the housing units. The neighboring counties are largely made up of Homeowners as well, with Wise County being the number one for having the highest home ownership rate of over 77%. Denton County, on the other hand accounts for 65% of homeowners, which is considered the fewest in the area, with nearly 35% of the housing offered for rent.

More than 1 in 10 housing units in Cooke County experiences housing problems such as overcrowding, lack of plumbing and/or poor kitchen conditions.

Housing Insurance Analysis:

  1. Over 17,000 housing units in Cooke County should have insurance coverage. For the protection of the owner’s property against loss or damage, all of the housing units should be covered by a Homeowner’s insurance (Homeowners or Condo).

  2. Over 5,000 housing units in Cooke County are rentals, which the property owners should insure using a Landlord Insurance. Landlord’s insurance covers the property and property owner from the possible liability issues.

  3. Tenants usually acquire Renters Insurance coverage to protect their belongings from potential damage or loss. The usual Renter’s Insurance covers the property from theft and damages caused by water, fire, smoke and vandalisms. The landlords may also require the Renter’s insurance as a prerequisite for lease.

  4. Cooke County is identified to be one of the areas vulnerable to tornadoes due to its location in the Tornado Alley. Tenants should be prepared and abide by all the safeguard set in place by the local agencies in case of a possible tornado strike. The highest probability of a tornado in Cooke County is March through May. The residents of Cooke county should understand how this risk influences their home coverage.

For consultation and advice regarding Homeowners insurance or Renters insurance in Cooke County, contact a Property & Casualty insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas.

Cooke County Health

Cooke County is below average in terms of health insurance rate in the entire state of Texas, and one of the worst among its neighbors. An estimated 22% of adults and children do not have health insurance coverage. This number is higher than the state’s average of 20.7% (in 2021). Among its neighboring counties, Grayson County, Wise County and Montague County are all on par with Cooke county when it comes to residents without health insurance, with an uninsured rate of 22%. Denton County, on the other hand, has the lowest uninsured rate at around 13%. Conversely, Gaines County has the highest uninsured adult rate in the entire state of Texas at nearly 36%, and Loving County being the lowest at around 11%.

2 out of 10 adults in Cooke County experience health problems. Around 20% of the population are physically inactive, which contributes to an obesity rate of about 24%, which is much lower than the Texas average of 32%. Among its peer counties, Wise County reports the highest obesity rate of a staggering 45% affecting its total adult population. Cooke County, on the other hand, is reported to have the lowest obesity rate among its neighbors.

There are at least two insurers in Cooke County that offer affordable and regularly subsidized ACA health insurance, in and out the state marketplace.

Health Insurance Analysis:

  1. Health insurance is the most important type of insurance, and more than 7,000 residents in Cooke County do not have this coverage .

  2. Texas is one of the states in the US that offers a larger variety of health insurance and supplemental product options, which make Texas healthcare more accessible: ACA-compliant Group and Individual marketplace health insurance, Various types of Short-term insurance (up to 3 years in coverage), Hospital indemnity, Accident & Health, etc.

  3. Health insurance can be unaffordable, especially to those with a lower income, so they are advised to apply for government subsidies, which can help significantly reduce the cost of insurance. If you do not have any pre-existing conditions, short-term insurance can be an alternative way. (Note: some multi-year short-term plans may cover selective pre-existing conditions after a full year of coverage).

If you need consultation and advice regarding health insurance in Cooke County, contact a health insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas.

Cooke County Mortality and the End of Life Statistics

The average life expectancy for the residents of Cooke County is estimated to be around 77.6 years old, which is lower than the Texas’ state average of 79.2 years old. Among the neighboring counties, Denton County reports a longer life span of 82 years old, adding 5 years on top of Cooke County. In comparison, Presidio county ranks the highest in average life expectancy in Texas, with an average lifespan of 88.8 years old. The lowest life span goes to Donley County, with a life expectancy of 72.8 years old.

As of 2022, Cooke County was home to about 8,000 senior (65 and older) residents on record.

Life Insurance Facts:

  1. As of 2021, 48% of Americans did not have an active life insurance policy of any type.

  2. Life insurance premiums are based on the age of the insured at inception of the policy, so the younger you are when you obtain it, the more you can save in premiums over the course of the policy period.

Motor Vehicle Fatalities in Cooke County

Annually, there are an estimated 5 fatal crashes that occur on the roads of Cooke County, at an average rate of 17.30 per 100,000 vehicles on the road.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT), Cooke county saw 476 crashes, with a resultant 5 fatalities as of 2020. Alcohol was the leading cause of nearly 30% of the driving fatalities.

Final Expenses - Cooke County Funeral Home Cost

An average traditional funeral in Texas can cost between $5,000 and $12,000, with the price covering basic service fees, casket, embalming, transportation, viewing and burial. The average cost of a funeral in Texas is $6,200, while in Cooke county the average funeral cost is at $8,200.

Among the peer counties, Denton County offers the most affordable funeral services, at around $5,800 while Cooke County reports the highest.

Life Insurance Analysis:

  1. Around 46% of Americans die with life savings of less than $10,000, which means that over 3,500 of senior citizens in Cooke County may be putting an unnecessary burden on their family and friends with basic funeral expenses. For instance, instead of grieving for the loss of their deceased loved ones, the family must look for a way to pay.

  2. Beside the cost of the burial, the deceased might also have taxes and debts left for the family to take care of.

  3. The most frequently utilized life insurance policies that cover “final expenses” up to $50,000 are Term Life Insurance and Final Expense Insurance.

  4. The most commonly used life insurance policies that allow to leave money to the family are: Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance, especially Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Insurance and Final Expenses.

If you need consultation and advice regarding life insurance in Cooke County, contact a life insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas.