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Brazos County

Driving in Brazos County

In 2022, Brazos County had over 183,000 registered vehicles, both private and commercial. That number of vehicles accounts for a little over a quarter of one percent of all vehicles registered in Texas.

For the adult residents of Brazos County, 4 out of 5 commute to work alone, and out of those, around 20,000 drivers spend more than 30 minutes in traffic each way.

Statistically, 20% of Texan drivers are uninsured or underinsured. With that in mind, around 37,000 vehicles in Brazos County are uninsured.

Auto Insurance Analysis:

  1. More than 180,000 vehicles are present on the roads of Brazos County and all of them are required to have insurance coverage. A driver in the county may carry multiple types of auto insurance coverage. Private Auto, Commercial Auto, Auto Liability, Inland Marine, and many more, depending on their vehicle type.

  2. Since Brazos County is a heavily urbanized county, there are many drivers on the road at the same time on a given day. That means that the risk of getting into an accident is high, which in turn drives up the insurance premium. In order to avoid paying expensive premiums and repair costs, drivers are usually advised to obtain a Comprehensive Auto coverage, to help lessen the overall costs, in case of an accident.

  3. Uninsured Driver Coverage is strongly advisable since 1 out of 5 drivers are uninsured in Texas. Every year Texans spend around $900 million for Uninsured and Underinsured Auto Coverages.

For consultation and advice about auto insurance in Brazos County, contact a Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas.

Brazos County Housing

When it comes to housing, in 2022 there were approximately 99,850 units in Brazos County. Unlike the majority of other Texas counties, where most residences are owner-occupied, 53% of housing units in Brazos County are for rent. Compared with the neighboring counties; all of them are mostly owner-occupied. Burleson County has the highest homeownership rate in the area (over 78%), while Washington County is the lowest, at closer to a 74/26 split.

26% of housing in Brazos County has problems, such as high housing costs, overcrowding, lack of plumbing, or issues with the kitchen.

Housing Insurance Analysis:

  1. When it comes to housing insurance coverages for Brazos County, almost 100,000 homes are in need of home-owner protection (through Homeowners insurance or Condo insurance).

  2. Home renters are advised to get Renters Insurance coverage to protect their belongings from possible loss or damage. Furthermore, Renters insurance protects renters from possible theft and other natural types of damages such as fire, smoke, water, etc. Some landlords in Brazos County may require Renters insurance coverage as part of their lease conditions.

  3. With almost 53 thousand housing units in Brazos County for rent, landlords need to obtain Landlord Insurance coverage for their rented properties. Landlord insurance covers the property itself and the landlord from possible liability claims from the tenants.

For consultation and advice about Homeowners insurance or Renters insurance in Brazos County, contact a Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas.

Brazos County Health

Nearly 18% of Brazos County adults do not have health insurance, which is statistically better than the Texas average of nearly 21%. Brazos County also has the least uninsured per-capita, compared with all of its neighbors. The next closest is Washington County, with less than 20%, while Madison County is the highest, with around 24% adult residents uninsured.

With approximately 11% of children uninsured, Brazos County maintains the lowest uninsured child rate among its neighbors.

Approximatelly 19%, or around 44,700 of Brazos County residents report problems with health.

The major factor that contributes to the poor health in Brazos County is lack of physical exercise. Almost 46,000 residents report leading a mostly sedentary lifestyle.

When it comes to the obesity rate in Brazos County, over 58,000 residents report a BMI of 30 or more.

At least 4 health insurers in Brazos County offer affordable and frequently subsidized ACA health insurance, on and off the state marketplace.

Health Insurance Analysis:

  1. Health insurance is the most important coverage and over 37 thousand of Brazos County residents do have this necessity.

  2. Texas is among the states that allow multiple types of health insurance and supplemental products, which makes it easier for residents to obtain coverage: Marketplace ACA health insurance, Various types of Short-term insurance (up to 3 years in coverage), Hospital indemnity, Accident & Health, etc.

  3. If health insurance is not being purchased due to unaffordability, low-income consumers are generally advised to apply for government subsidies, which can substantially lower the cost of insurance.

  4. If you do not have pre-existing conditions, Short term insurance may provide an alternative saving path. (* Some Texas multi-year short term health insurance plans may cover certain pre-existing conditions after a year or more of coverage).

For consultation and advice about health insurance in Brazos County, contact a health insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas.

Brazos County Mortality and the End of Life Statistics

For a Brazos County resident, the average life expectancy is around 81 years old, which is the highest among all neighboring counties. The neighbor with the next highest average is Washington County, at around 80 years old, while Madison County reports the lowest, closer to 76. Comparatively, Texas’ average life expectancy is around 79 years old.
There were over 22,000 senior citizens (65 and older) residing in Brazos County in 2022.

Life Insurance Facts:

  1. In 2021, only 52 percent of all American adults had any sort of life insurance coverage.
  2. It is best to purchase life insurance when you are younger, because the monthly cost (premium) is lower for younger people. By buying it earlier, you can usually lock in a lower rate.

Motor Vehicle Fatalities in Brazos County

Motor vehicle fatality deaths in Brazos County occur at a rate of 9.63 per 100,000 vehicles on the road: around 17-18 fatal crashes per year.
In 2020, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT) reported over 2,789 crashes in Brazos County, with a resultant 18 fatalities. Alcohol is determined as the main factor for the fatal crashes in Brazos County in 27% of all driving fatalities.

Final Expenses - Brazos County Funeral Home Costs

The average price of a funeral in Brazos County is almost $6,500, which is higher than the state-average, of closer to $6,200. The price usually includes the minimum-priced casket. Among the neighbors, Robertson County funeral homes may be found with services priced under $6,000, while Washington County and Burleson County funeral homes are usually priced in line with Brazos County.

Life Insurance Analysis:

  1. With 46% of Americans dying with savings of less than $10,000, over ten thousand of Brazos County senior residents could be placing the unnecessary and frequently unbearable financial burden on family and friends. That can be an issue for both the family and friends they will be leaving behind, as it can become a sudden financial burden for them.
  2. Aside from the final expenses, in most cases the deceased leaves behind both unpaid taxes and unpaid debt, possibly further adding to the relatives’ financial burden.
  3. The most frequently used life insurance policies to cover “final expenses” up to $50,000 are: Term Life Insurance and Final Expense Insurance.
  4. The most commonly used life insurance policies to leave money to the family are the variations of: Term Life Insurance and Cash Value insurance, such as Whole Life insurance, Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance, and Final Expense.
    For consultation and advice about life insurance in Brazos County, contact a life insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas.