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Borden County

Driving in Borden County

The roads in Borden County are home to an estimated 560 private and commercial vehicles. This statistic represents approximately 1.8% of all vehicles registered in the state of Texas.

In Borden County, exactly 70% of adult drivers drive alone to work, and nearly all of those commutes last more than 30 minutes.

It is estimated that 20% of Texas drivers are uninsured, with over 100 uninsured vehicles in Borden County alone.

Auto Insurance Analysis:

  1. In Borden County, there are over 500 registered vehicles that require insurance coverage. The type of auto insurance a vehicle requires is determined by the vehicle's type, as well as its intended use, such as Commercial Auto, Inland Marine, Private Auto, Commercial Transportation, Auto Liability, etc.

  2. With less than 200 daily commuters, _auto insurance premiums in Borden County tend to be lower than in more densely populated counties.

  3. Uninsured Driver Coverage is important because one out of five drivers in Texas is uninsured. The overall cost of paying for both uninsured and underinsured auto coverage in Texas is nearly $900 million per year.

Contact a Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance agent licensed in the state of Texas for a consultation and advice regarding auto insurance in Borden County.

Borden County Housing

Similarly to the majority of Texas, where the majority of homes are owned, Borden County's 392 housing units are split between homeowners (76%) and renters (24%). The neighboring counties are mostly made up of owner-occupied homes, with Mitchell County leading the charts with a ratio of almost 8 owner-occupied homes to 2 being rented out. Howard County, on the other hand, is split at almost 7 to 3.

1 out of 4 housing units in Borden County experience housing problems due to high housing costs, overcrowding, lack of plumbing, or issues with the kitchen.

Housing Insurance Analysis:

  1. In Borden County, there are almost 4 hundred housing units that need to be insured. All of them should have Homeowners or Condo insurance, at the very least, to protect the property's owners from loss or damage.

  2. Landlords are encouraged to purchase Landlord Insurance, which protects both the property itself and the landlord from any potential liability claims resulting from the renters.

  3. Tenants are strongly encouraged to purchase Renters Insurance to protect their possessions from damage or loss. The average renter's insurance policy often protects the tenant's belongings against theft and damage caused by fire, smoke, water, and vandalism. Depending on the landlord in Borden County, renters insurance may be required as a condition of the lease.

Consult a Texas-licensed Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance agent about your house insurance needs in Borden County.

Borden County Health

Borden County's (12%) rate of residents without proper health insurance coverage is among the best in Texas (21%) and also the lowest among its neighbors. Garza County has the highest adult uninsured percentage among the neighboring counties, at nearly 24%, while Howard County, on the other hand, has the second-lowest adult uninsured rate after Borden County, at 19%.

More than 1 in 5 adults in Borden County reports having health difficulties and over 23% of the population does not engage in any form of physical activity.

Over 24% of Borden County residents are classified as obese (BMI of 30 or above), which is lower than the state average of 31.4% in Texas. Garza County has the lowest rate of obesity among neighboring counties at 19% of residents, while Howard County classifies over 36% of adults as obese.

Borden County has at least 2 health insurers that offer affordable and frequently subsidized ACA health insurance both on and off the state marketplace.

Health Insurance Analysis:

  1. Health insurance is the most important type of insurance.

  2. Texas is one of the states that allow for a variety of different types of health insurance and supplemental products, making coverage more accessible to its residents: Marketplace ACA health insurance, Various types of Short-term insurance (up to 3 years in coverage), Hospital Indemnity, Accident & Health, etc.

  3. If health insurance is not obtained due to high costs, low-income individuals should apply for government subsidies, which can significantly reduce the cost of insurance. If you do not have any pre-existing problems, short-term insurance may be an option for you. (Note: After a year or more of coverage, some short-term insurers may cover some pre-existing conditions.)

Discuss your health insurance needs with a state-licensed Texas health insurance professional with access to a variety of health insurance options available in Borden County.

A Texas health insurance agent analyzes your needs, researches the available options, explains the differences between those options, and assists you with the application process.

Borden County Mortality and The End of Life Statistics

At 75.9 years old, Borden County’s life expectancy is average among its immediate neighbors. Mitchell County shows the lowest (73.5%), while Garza County - the longest, (78.6), which is still lower than the Texas average of 79.2 years. Presidio County has the highest life expectancy in the state of Texas, at 88.8, while Donley County has the lowest, at 72.8.

In 2022, Borden County had a population of around 190 seniors (age 65 and older).

Life Insurance Facts:

  1. In 2021, 48% of Americans did not have any form of active life insurance coverage.

  2. The age of the insured at the time of the policy's inception determines the cost. You save more on monthly premiums if you get life insurance while you’re still young.

Motor Vehicle Fatalities in Borden County

9 collisions were reported in Borden County by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in 2020, with 3 fatalities as a result.

Final Expenses - Borden County Funeral Home cost

Funeral costs vary significantly in and around Borden County. Borden County's average funeral cost is above $7,000, making it one of the highest in the area. Among the neighbors, Garza County has the highest average funeral cost, at over $7,400, while funeral homes in Martin County have the lowest average funeral cost, of less than $6,000.

Life Insurance Analysis:

  1. With 46% of Americans dying with less than $10,000 in assets, the cost of a basic funeral might be a concern, putting an unexpected and often awful strain on family and friends. Rather than lamenting their loss, the family must concentrate on resolving the financial situation.

  2. In addition to funeral expenses, the departed frequently leave behind taxes and other debts that must be paid by the surviving family members.

  3. The two most frequently used types of life insurance to cover "last expenses" up to $50,000 are Term Life Insurance and Final Expense Insurance.

  4. There are several variations on the following life insurance policies that are most typically used to leave money to the family: Term life insurance and Whole life insurance, particularly Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies, as well as Final Expense (FE).

Contact a life insurance agent who is licensed in the state of Texas for a consultation and recommendations on the type of life insurance to purchase in Borden County.